MUGA Industrial Recycling GmbH was founded in 2012 by Ignacio Múgica Urquizu and Pedro Ramón Gambande Llados for the purpose of clearing, gutting and scrapping the disused Attisholz (later Borregaard) cellulose factory in Riedholz/SO. Until then, they had been based in Spain being active internationally in selling industrial plants and scrapping metal.

After the successful completion of the Attisholz project, the company broadened their scope of services. Since 2018, MUGA Industrial Recycling GmbH has become an expert for a wide range of services on large and complex construction sites.

The company is now based on the site of the former Attisholz cellulose factory. Currently, there are around 50 employees, most of them working on the CSL Behring construction site in Lengnau.